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5 Ways to Make Your Home Design Unique

Everybody wants their home to reflect their own style, but it’s easy to abide by the rules and unique trends in home design. There are five great ideas of how to small details can make your decor less standart,special and more unique.


1. Reflect details which are meaningful for you

The great way to make your home less ordinary is to personalize it to your experiences and past. This contains everything related to your life — your favorite photos, your collection, your high school’s uniform, your pictures when you did as a child, or your old or new tickets from some activities which you joined.It doesn’t what it is, it’ll make your area unique to you. It can also make your space a source of inspiration and creativity, particularly if you keep these details well organized and show intentinolly. To be sure pictures and other paper items are organized, keep them into will show them a more special. For collections and other unique details, organize a shelf or two solely to indicate the your special collection. If you have opportunity to hang your collection you can display them on the wall or ceiling, such as vintage chandelier, another idea is to purchase gripper and show them on a wall.


2. Hang your paints below your window

While windows are perfect items for bright to your home, a lot windows can make it difficult to design your space to your own personal style if they take up a too much wall space. The standart rule for hanging photos is to hang them at level where people can see your photos or arts easily,it means you should hang your pictures or art at eye level. A fun side of  breaking the rule is to locate  your pictures down of  your window frame. Even for rooms with less windows, a picture below a window can add an exciting focus point low to the ground, and you should be sure not to destroy the walls at eye level.


3. Add or hang pictures in the bathroom

Bathroom can seem like an weird area to hang your pictures or display your pictures , but it contributes  personal touch to your bathroom. Besides that you are spending a lot of time in the bathroom during your day. , Bathroom is the first place that you go when you wake up and the last place that you go before sleep. Showing your personal photos in your bathroom may start or finish your day in a good way. You should frame these photos in good quality frames that will keep them safe from the water and from damaging like perfume and hairspray.


4. Add or hang pictures in your kitchen

Kitchens also can seem like an weird place to add family photos or your own photos, because wall and counter space is often scarce. Even so, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens during day. According to some researches, every person spends an average of 3 years of during their life. Make your kitchen unique and interesting by adding add hanging pictures.


5. Hanging plants

Plants can effect every detail of room and plants can create different atmosphere for your room.For examle;they can show your room more colorful,elegant and fresh. It’s pretty ordinary to put plants in planters on the ground, or putting them in vases on tables. Try different way to bring the life and vitality into your room by adding hanging plants. This way will bring life and vitality into your room without taking up floor or table space, which is really important especially for small area. Hanging plants can be a focus point, it can be like a chandelier.On the other hand, try a more minimalistic appearance by hanging different kind of plants on your room’s wall.