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Letters From Bosphorus

Made with the highest quality of Turkish GOTS (Certified Organic Cotton), we believe in empowering women. For generations our artisans have earned their means through passionate creations of handicrafts for the home, creating beautiful heirloom pieces to treasure for generations. Our designs are unique in that they are inspired by the Bosphorus- an imaginary line that artistically merges the East with the West.

Each product and set is cared for and handled by one artisan at a time- from the moment her hand touches the thread to weave delicate embroidery or designs to assembly, packaging and handling of the set. Our designs are locally inspired, fresh and unique in that they will never be found elsewhere. The fine, colorful details challenge any other typical designs found in the market. We create pieces for your home to cherish, enjoy and pass on.

 In production, we strive to create products that are both functional yet stylish while honoring our planet in using only GOTS (Certified Organic Cotton) that’s fair-trade and sustainably sourced. We also use sustainable practices and recyclable materials in our packaging.