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Vitelli Classic Light Marble Round Cheese Plate

A Decorative Plate / Serving Plate - Mediterranean Blue Design Light Blue Marble Cheese Plate is a decorative plate that is also suitable for serving cheese, snacks or desserts. The plate is made of light blue marble material and features a Mediterranean blue design, which is a design that typically incorporates the colors, patterns, and motifs found in the art and architecture of the Mediterranean region. The plate is 12 inches in diameter, making it a perfect size for serving a variety of foods. The plate not only serves as a stylish serving platter but also doubles as a decorative piece that can be used to add a touch of elegance to any room. The light blue marble material is durable and easy to clean. Mediterranean blue design on the light blue marble material is a perfect choice for those who love Mediterranean decor and makes a great gift idea.

This item is not suitable for dishwasher use. Hand washing is recommended.


  • Product Type: Marble
  • Size: 12x12 in | Diameter
  • Package Include: Serving Plate (1 Piece)
  • Imported